Little Cat Faces Two Alligators In A Bid To Save His Human

Date March 7, 2018

When we think of cats, we think of how adorable, sweet, and fluffy they are. We hardly ever consider them as threatening. I mean, there is an expression, 'scaredy cat', for a reason. However, evidently, cats are ready to let their inner strength show if someone they love is in trouble.

Mugsy the cat, though small, has succeeded in facing off with two huge alligators in order to protect his human buddy.

The cat decided to step in when he noticed a human walking close to the alligator. The gator made its way to the shore and was ready to attack, but Mugsy was prepared for it.


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In this video, we see how the cat initiated a fierce standoff with the alligator and faced it squarely, very much ready to attack.

People nearby could clearly see that this was quite unusual. Someone off camera who noticed the scene can be heard saying, "Wow, isn't that interesting?"


The cat darted, threatening towards the alligator, and surprisingly the reptile took a few steps back, clearly not wishing to do anything to piss Mugsy off.

"He's scared of the cat," the off-camera person said again in surprise.

However, the fight was not over. The alligator returned to the water, only to come back with a friend. Watch Mugsy triumph over them both: