People Are Sharing Heartwarming Stories Of The Kind Things Strangers Have Done For Them

Date January 26, 2018 11:58

We are usually surrounded by bad news and heartbreaking stories, so much so that we may even forget that there are still good and kind humans in the world.

Fortunately, people are talking about the inspiring encounter they have had with strangers, and their tales are renewing our faith in humanity.


In a Reddit thread titles, 'What's the most amazing thing a complete stranger has done for you', dozens of people are sharing some pretty awesome stories.

1. He was ready to give up on life. But everything changed when he met a kind man during a walk.

2. He needed his morning coffee badly. But he was late for work. He had no choice but to forgo his "morning fix of liquid goodness." He thought that was the end of it until a man he did not know got on the bus and handed him a cup.

3. Her bone marrow donation helped to cure his leukaemia.

4. A "heroic cigarette smoking black man" came to the rescue of someone experiencing a severe nosebleed.

5. A user known as H00L1GAN419 has two great stories to share. In one of them, a stranger paid for his breakfast when he forgot to take some cash with him. The other story was about the compassion of guys who had just been released from prison.

6. A hospital patient received help from an unlikely source.

7. A special letter that came at the right time.

8. During a vomiting spell, this person to realize there were still incredibly kind people in the world.

9. A paramedic's kindness inspired a lifestyle change.

10. A daughter got a chance to grieve after a stranger shouldered some of her responsibilities for a few minutes.

These stories and others like them are truly incredible. One of the biggest lessons here is a reminder that we should always lend a helping hand when we can. You never can tell whose life will change, whose face you'll put a smile on, or whose situation you'll turn around just by doing something kind.

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