'He's One Of A Kind!': 'Mama June' Shannon Shared Details About Finding Love After Losing 300 Pounds


Reality star Mama June Shannon shocked loads of people all over the world when she unveiled her brand new, 300-pound slimmer body many months ago.

She would later reveal to PEOPLE that she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in 2015 and also went under the knife to remove excess skin from her arms, neck, back, and stomach.

???? check me out this Friday!

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It has been more than nine months since that big reveal and the 'Mama June: From Not To Hot' star continued to work very hard to maintain her new body. She told PEOPLE that she would keep leading a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising regularly.

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Finding love

As she revealed in her trimmer body, Mama June had also been enjoying the feeling of being in love. Even though she did not give us a lot of details about the mystery man (including his name) we were still able to get an idea of the relationship through some of her interviews.

They met through a mutual friend. He actually never watched her reality TV show so he did not know how famous she was until they got together. She said:

He doesn't care about me being famous, or anything about it.

Mama June that he was not with her for the money and that he was doing fine financially. Her daughter, Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' absolutely adores him. The girl said:

I would say I approve.

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He is very romantic and according to Alana, he does all he can to make Mama June happy including going out to get her candles just because she likes them. He reminded her that there were still good men in the world. She told PEOPLE:

He restored our faith when we thought there were no good men left out there.

Coming up on her show.

During a sneak peek into the second season of 'Mama June: From Not To Hot,' the reality star revealed some of the challenges and struggles she experienced as a result of her weight loss surgeries.

I couldn't wash my own hair. I couldn't lift my hands above my head.

It's expected that this season would shed more light on her choice to undergo surgery to get rid of the weight and how the changed had impacted her.

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