Photoshop Fail: 'Professional' Photographer Turns Family Photos Into Something Straight Out Of A Zombie Movie

Date January 19, 2018

A family got the shock of their lives when they received what was supposed to have been professionally edited pictures of them.

The hilarious photoshop fail.

A Facebook user, Pam Dave Zaring explained that she and her family organized a photo session in St. Louis with a photographer who claimed to be a 'professional.' The pictures were taken in May last year but evidently, it took her so many months to finish editing them.

By the time they were returned to Zaring, the result was hilariously terrible. In fact, no one in the picture looked the least bit human. They all looked like they were part of the cast of a truly terrifying horror film.

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Fortunately, the family dogs were spared this scary makeover.

People found it difficult to believe that a photography fail like that actually happened, but Zaring assured that it did. She, however, said she did not share the pictures to be mean because she and her family had a good laugh from the whole experience.

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Even though they paid $250 for them, Zaring said it was worth the laughter and joy it brought to her family and the rest of the world.


The pictures certainly evoked a few laughs. See some of the best reactions below.

Another epic photoshop attempt.

While some pictures go viral due to their hilarious nature, others are popular because of how much creativity went into them.

A couple of years ago, this photoshop attempt created by an anonymous artist featured the late Princess Diana looking down at her grandchild Princess Charlotte who was being held by the Duchess of Cambridge.

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The photoshopper recreated this image by joining a picture of Kate Middleton at Charlotte's christening with an old one of Princess Diana. The result was so amazing, it was shared over 560.000 times.

A lot can be achieved these days thanks to the amazing invention that is Photoshop and we bet there will be many more epic creations to come.

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