Cindy Crawford Recreates The Iconic Pepsi Ad That Once Featured Her Then 3-Year-Old Son Presley

Date January 17, 2018

On February 4th, Cindy Crawford's new Pepsi ad, which will once again feature her son Presley Gerber, will be revealed during the Super Bowl LII on NBC.

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Cindy Crawford's Iconic Pepsi Ad

The year was 1992. It was the model's first ever advertising campaign for the Pepsi brand. Check it out below.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Crawford said she still had those denim cut-offs; however, she doubted that they would still fit. It turned out that those jeans did not start the day off that short.

They were my jeans that I wore that day and when we were doing wardrobe the stylist asked to just cut my jeans off.

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The stylist felt that no new pair would fit her as well as the one she had already worn for a while. So, they simply cut the pants short and let her keep it afterwards.

The Pepsi ad in 2002 that featured her son, Presley

Ten years after her first ad, Crawford returned again, but this time, things were different. She now had an adorable baby boy named Presley. And to show that, the cutie had a cameo appearance in the recreation of his mom's 1992 commercial.

Mother and son reunited

Crawford and Presley would be coming together again for Pepsi, and we will get to see it for the first time during the Super Bowl. In the teaser video below, we see the model looking gorgeous as ever.

The commercial is in tune with the brand's 2018 “Pepsi Generations” campaign, which is aimed at celebrating pop culture moments throughout the years while featuring its top drinks.

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Crawford was really excited to be able to do this with her son again.

I was the proud stage mom standing by the monitor.

Presley Gerber

The now 18-year-old has been following in his mother's modelling footsteps. His Instagram is filled with several amazing pictures that prove to us that he is capable of giving his mom a run for her money in the modelling world.

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Clearly, the modeling genes are strong in Cindy Crawford’s family.

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