Pilot Proposes To His Flight Attendant Girlfriend In Mid-Air

Date November 22, 2017

Many people consider the work of flight attendants to be interesting and adventurous. They travel a lot and get a chance to see different places. That is why some office workers dream about such a job. However, this flight attendant got a lot more than she could expect. She met the love of her life at a working place. You will be deeply touched when you hear the story of a flight attendant and her pilot.

It was a regular working day for Brandy Hollenbeck, and she was busy making coffee. Suddenly, someone started telling a love story over the loudspeaker. Brandy had no idea that it was her boyfriend, a pilot Eric Greener. When Eric asked Brandy to marry him, she burst into tears. It was the happiest moment in her life! She will never forget this special flight.

It was a big surprise for passengers as well. A lot of them said that they have never seen something like that before. This touching wedding proposal definitely made their day.

Please, watch the video, and you will be amazed by this couple!

The internet is filled with a lot of different footages of sweet marriage proposals. Some of them, like the one above, went viral fast. Who can ignore an awesome love story?

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If you are in the mood to watch another cool proposal video, we've got you covered. A video titled 'The Best Proposal Of All Time' has garnered over 9 million views on YouTube.

A man documented all his proposal planning stages, all of which culminated with him jumping from a plane to ask his lady to marry him. We can safely say that this was one of the most incredible and memorable surprises ever. Grab some tissues and watch the full clip below.

The man above was not the only one to incorporate a thrilling plane ride into his proposal. A YouTube user, Anthony Bordignon, posted a video of a man who chose to pop the question while on a plane ride with his lady. But not before he scared her a little bit.

Clearly, these men had only one goal in mind - to give their ladies a day they will never forget. And we are glad we got to witness these special moments too.

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