She's The Only Female Football Player On Her Team. But That Did Not Stop Her From Being Homecoming Queen

Date October 19, 2017

A young lady is breaking stereotypes all over the place. First off, she proves that just because she's female does not mean she cannot keep up with the men. In addition, she's also showing the world that playing with the men does not make her any less of a lady. She's certainly a hero in our book.

17-year-old Mikayla Oden is the only female player on her football team at Cedarville High School in Arkansas, where she is the starting wide receiver. Her father has always been her biggest supporter, and he was the one who encouraged the young girl not to give up on her dream of making her mark in a male-dominated sport.

With a dad, who was once a former semipro football player, being her coach, it's no wonder that Mikayla has been able to achieve so much. According to 5News, she began to play football in third grade and has not stopped ever since. She mentioned that her dad has always been her inspiration. She also told the publication:

I’ve always loved the sport and ever since I’ve been playing it, I’ve always pursued the sport.

Her dad, Brannon Oden, told Yahoo, "she came home from the hospital as a newborn with a toy football." It is very obvious that football is a passion shared by both father and daughter.

The young lady did admit to Yahoo that her journey to the top was not without some challenges. As the wide receiver, she is expected to run very fast and catch passes from the quarterback. She revealed that she often received sexist comments from some of the players, threatening to 'knock her down' harder than usual. She, however, tried to draw less attention to the fact that she's a female while she's on the field.

I try to look like the boys by French-braiding my hair and tucking it into my shoulder pads. The other team doesn’t know I’m a girl until they look at my face.

That being said, Mikayla has no problems being the beautiful lady when she is outside of the field. In 2014, she was crowned homecoming princess, and she was also recently voted homecoming queen.

The teenage girl hopes her achievement will serve as an inspiration for other girls who have been told they are not able to do something because they are female.

Well, we absolutely approve of this message, and we applaud Mikayla's courage and strength.