Teacher Says That Everyone Has 10 Fingers. Little Girl With 3 Fingers On One Hand Disproves This Statement


October 12, 2017 17:02 By Fabiosa

As a parent, you want your children to feel confident no matter what. This need is even stronger when you have a child that is 'different' in one way or another. For example, if you are a parent of a kid that has disabilities or special needs, it is normal to feel protective and worry that they will not accept themselves or have low self-worth.

A mom, Lacey Anevicus, knows about these feelings quite well. Her daughter, Elaina, suffers from a condition known as symbrachydactyly or limb difference. The little girl has only three fingers on one of her hands. Even though Lacey feels nothing but pride and loves her daughter, she, of course, worries about how people in the outside world will think about her kid.

Lacey shared her story on Facebook and called it Lucky Fin Project, which was set up for the purpose of raising awareness on the condition and serving as a source of support for other children and parents experiencing the same struggle.

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On the page, Lacey talked about how little Elaina showed her teacher that there are different people in the world. One day, during Bible study class, Elaina's teacher announced that everyone has ten fingers. The girl held her hand up (the one with three fingers) and proudly announced that her teacher was wrong - there were people who did not have ten fingers.

Lacey was very proud of this moment and awed by the level of confidence and self-assurance showed by her daughter.

I hope this confidence stays with her throughout her life!

We also hope that Elaine will keep seeing her difference as a strength and will always be proud of what makes her stand out as opposed to being ashamed because of it.

Source: Lucky Fin Project / Facebook

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