Teenage Girl With Alopecia Painted Flowers On Her Bald Head As A Way Of Embracing Her Condition

Date November 18, 2017

A 17-year-old girl decided to stop hiding behind scarves and show off her bare head for her senior photos in a bid to raise awareness about her condition.

Madisyn Babcock, who suffered from alopecia, felt she needed to embrace who she was and thought that taking some creative photos was the perfect way to do this.

Babcock was no stranger to the camera but in previous photo shoots, she usually had her hair covered. This time around, she was going to be displaying her newly bare head and was a little bit nervous about how the pictures would come out.

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She and her artist mother came with a pretty awesome idea that would make the young girl more comfortable in front of the lens. She told Yahoo;

I decided to paint my head to raise awareness and to promote natural beauty. My mom, an artist, was the perfect candidate for my head masterpiece.

Chelsea Taylor, the photographer responsible for taking the gorgeous images, described Babcock as being strong, brave and confident. She had taken a lot of pictures of the girl in the past and said Babcock never allowed any of the changes affect who she was.

Everything about the pictures meant something to the young girl. She chose to have flowers painted for two reasons. One was that she considered herself an 'earth girl' and became even more connected to the earth since her condition worsened. Also, the flowers signified how she was coming into herself as a confident young woman as she said goodbye to high school.

"I feel I’ve really blossomed into the person I’m supposed to be," she said. The background on which she chose to take the photos also signified her love for nature.

Babcock fell in love with her pictures when they came out. She said she loved how they portrayed her personality and we could not agree more.

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Alopecia areata is a condition which is characterized by clumps of hair falling out of a person's head. This often leads to smooth, round and hairless patches on the scalp and even other areas of the body. The hair usually grows back but in some rare cases, a complete and permanent loss of hair may occur.

One major challenge with dealing with a condition such as this is that it could take a toll on a person's self-esteem. It is not always easy being and looking different. However, people like Babcock who embrace it will inspire others and let them know they are not alone. In addition, this teenage girl will also teach anyone dealing with the disorder that it's okay to accept themselves and love who they are. This, we think, is the ultimate goal.