A School Custodian Changes Careers And Becomes A Teacher At The Same School

Date December 26, 2017

When people choose their professions during school years, they rarely know how their lives will evolve. Of course, many persons try to listen to their hearts and master the skills that they think are the best for them.

Some individuals choose a profession that seems popular or prestigious. While others just do what their parents advice them to do.

Anyway, it's life, and we all can make mistakes. The most important thing is to understand how to solve them. What is more, some people view such life events as a valuable experience, and they are 100% right about that.

A similar thing happened to this man, Lowell Outland. Now, he works as a full-time teacher at Tates Creek High School in Lexington, Kentucky. However, his life wasn't always like this. Lowell used to serve in the military. During that period, he got his GED as he didn't finish high school.

It's interesting to know that he also worked at electronics company but was laid off because of downsizing.

Later, the man managed to earn his associate degree and took a job as a custodian at Tates Creek High School. And that was it! School and students, in particular, were the driving force that made the man realize his mission in life.

Young and inquisitive people inspired him so much that Lowell saw that he can't live without this job. He is inspired by students who crave for knowledge.

That's why he decided to combine college experience and the experience as a custodian to become a teacher in the future.

Luckily, his dream came true, and Mr. Mills, the school principal, decided to hire the 59-year-old Mr. Lowell as a teacher of digital photography and graphic communications!

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Source: Scarymommy

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