Dad Built A Cute 2-Story Playhouse For His Little Daughters!

Date October 13, 2017 10:34

Every kid dreams to have his own playhouse. Even when we grow up, we realize how special it is and appreciate our parents’ efforts even more.

Adam Boyd from Michigan transformed his interest and passion to constructing into his direct profession. He is the president of the ATB Building Inc. The man always tends to be creative in his work and to construct one-of-a-kind buildings with their own style and spirit. But recently, Boyd decided to prepare a special surprise for his little daughters, Violet and Avery. He designed and constructed a real two-story beautiful playhouse for them.

The “fairyhouse” is almost 24 feet tall with high 7-foot ceilings. There is a lot of space inside for kids playing and even inviting guests.

Boyd said that his daughters were always dreaming to live in the “Barbie’s house,” so he made their dream come true. He spent several months finishing this unusual project, mostly working in the evening and on weekends.

Most our friends thought I was nuts for doing what I did, but I’m very satisfied with the outcome. I’m just happy to watch my kids play in their new house. It’s worth every penny I’ve spent, and it’s gonna be there forever.

Boyd says that the feedback he gets every time he sees his daughters’ happy faces is absolutely rewarding. And now, the whole family usually spends the bigger part of their time inside this amazing playhouse than in their usual house. Well, it can be explained very simply: Sometimes, adults want to feel like kids.


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