Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Totally Support Their Daughter Shiloh In Choosing Her Gender Identity

Date December 14, 2018

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is the first biological child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She was born on May 27th, 2006, in Namibia. During her first few years of life, she was like any other girl — with long hair and dresses.

However, even at that young age, Shiloh knew she was a boy trapped in a girl’s body, so she was asking her parents to let her dress like a boy. Angelina and Brad treated her wishes with respect and let her do that. Besides, they let Shiloh cut her hair short. In an interview during the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008, Brad Pitt said that Shiloh would like to be called John.


As she grew up, Pitt and Jolie were always on her side, supporting her. They are loving parents, ready to do anything to make their children happy.

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Angelina has always respected and supported her daughter’s preferences. She is a real role model for those parents who try to fight against their children’s wishes instead of being there to support them.


In 2010, in a Vanity Fair story, Angie said that she had no problem with her daughter’s appearance. She even mentioned that Shiloh wants to be a boy, and she’s completely accepting that. Jolie said that when she was growing up she was most like Shiloh:

Goofy and verbal, the early signs of a performer . I used to get dressed up in costumes and jump around. But at some point, I got closed off, darker. I don’t remember anything happening. I think you just get hit with the realities of certain things in life, think too much, start to realize the world isn’t as you wished it would be, so you deepen. Then, as I had kids and got older—being goofy, lighter—it all came back.”

On Shiloh's birthday at Disneyland, the girl looked 100% masculine, even including a suit and a tie.


Even though the adolescent has a totally masculine appearance, her body is still female, and that’s why Shiloh started a hormonal treatment. It is possible that in the future, she will undergo a gender reassignment surgery.

Now, whoever doesn’t know her would swear that she is a boy. But the Jolie-Pitt family has been supportive and accepting Shiloh just as she is.


Let’s hope that Angelina and Brad become role models for lots of parents.

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