Keys To Appreciating What We Have And Being Happy With Enough

Date October 16, 2017 11:27

If we think about it, we might notice that the “never enough” mindset has infiltrated into our lives, our society, and our every day: unnoticeably, quietly, invisibly. We wake up, thinking we didn't get enough sleep; we go to work, thinking we don’t have enough rest and that we don’t earn enough. We are always late, there is never enough time for everything we plan, and we end up spending our time worrying about what we’ve missed, what we haven’t gotten, and what we haven’t done. This surely leads us to feeling miserable and unhappy, because it seems like our life will never be perfect.

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What we might not realize is that the core problem lies in this mindset that makes us feel inferior because of the things that are bound to happen and will happen, no matter how hard we try. We concentrate on the things we don’t have, rather than focusing on what we have. If we are single, we think we haven’t gotten enough love; if we are ill, we don’t have enough health. We haven’t got enough attention, appreciation, approval, recognition… The list is never ending.

And yet, if we managed to look at our lives from a different perspective, from a completely different angle, it might help us realize that we already have so much - so much of what we never notice. If you are reading these lines, you are lucky enough to be able to see and read. Apparently, you have a computer or a smartphone, and the internet; therefore, you have had enough money to pay for these things. You are able to hear, to feel, and to breathe! If you have roof over your head, you are much luckier than many!

If we look closely, ”enough” has always been there. It’s in our families, however imperfect they might seem, in our kids, who might drive us crazy at times, but come on! Kids are our biggest treasures! We don’t need more money or someone else’s approval to be happy. Like Mother Teresa said:

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.

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And these are truly the words of wisdom. “Enough-ness” is right here, in this very moment, and it’s everywhere. It's in the rays of bright sun through the clouds in the sky; in the sound of raindrops when you’re falling asleep; in the sounds of coffee machine, waking you up in the morning; warm cup of tea when you’re cold, favorite music on the radio on your way to work, your baby’s smile, new warm scarf, lucky selfie, and a zillion of other things we seem to never be aware of. But the thing is, we have always had it! It has always been there for us.

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Turns out, the Swedish have also noticed this and formulated this idea into the whole new philosophy trend, called lagom, meaning ‘not too little, not too much, just right’. They have also offered a couple of tips on how to appreciate what we already have and live a more fulfilling life.

The Swedes are known for being very organized and punctual. What’s more important, they manage to do it easily, without being overly stressed or worried. They are also world known coffee lovers, and for many years, the Swedes have been factoring Fika into their daily life. Fika is a coffee-break in the mid-morning or in the afternoon, used for taking a step away from work, socializing, and most importantly, being present. Even if you work at home, taking a little coffee or tea break is essential for your productivity.

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The Swedes are very environmentally friendly, and living a modest eco-style life has infiltrated into their mindset. Thus, they prefer to buy good-quality new things that will keep serving them for a long time, and purchasing second-hand where they can. Repairing broken things and worn-out clothes, or recycling them, is also very wide-spread.

And the most important thing is the realization of being “good enough.” It is about understanding our desires and our strengths and the cost of our decisions. By choosing one thing over the other, we immediately lose that other thing, so we need to learn to accept it. Again, this is exactly what being happy with what you have is, not regretting about what you lack.

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Appreciating the “enough-ness” has another brilliant effect: It breeds more of the same. Being grateful for the love in our lives brings more love. Cherishing out health makes us healthier. Being happy with the amount of money we’ve got, opens new sources of wealth. Fulfillment doesn’t come from a place where something is lacking, but the feelings of love and appreciation that attract wellbeing.

Therefore, let’s cherish our treasures and be happy with enough!

Source: Psychologies