Little Girl With Rare Illness Performs With The New York City Ballet


November 27, 2017 10:08 By Fabiosa

The little girl, Audrey Nethery, loves dancing, and she nails it! In spite of her rare health conditions, she lives her life to the fullest and gives a great example to all of us.

Rare condition

Audrey suffers from Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). It is a rare disorder when the bone marrow is unable to produce enough red cells. Sadly, this is a life-threatening condition that influences the body’s ability to circulate oxygen, and it has resulted in many health problems for the young child.

We had Audrey's birthday party today. It was an American Girl party ????

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Now she is nine years old, but the girl doesn’t grow like other children. However, nothing can stop Audrey from living a full life, because she is incredibly strong! The skillful youngster has learned cute chorographical moves at her Zumba class in Louisville, Kentucky. Also, she has a great collection of dolls. Her favorite musicians are the Beatles, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift.

Due to her condition, she has had to undergo more than 20 blood transfusions and is likely to have to endure more in the future. Audrey was also born with a hole in her heart and a cleft palate, and the steroids she has to take are slowing down her growth.

Birthday dinner at one of Audrey’s favorite restaurants here in Louisville... Mangos!!!

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Dancing her troubles away

But in spite of the dim circumstances, Audrey and her parents are very optimistic and are trying to stay positive. Her father Scott told Daily Mail Online:

Audrey is a happy, loving, smart, little girl who loves to dance, listen to music, and collect dolls and stuffed animals. She is incredibly strong and leaves an impression on everyone she meets!

Great blood count on Audrey’s Birthday!! 9.6 hgb!!

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Her parents are trying to raise awareness of their daughter’s rare disease with the help of adorable videos of her, and this has made her a real internet star. All this publicity has helped the family raise thousands of dollars and promote blood donations. Audrey’s father says:

Once people realize she has a life-threatening illness, it really touches their hearts.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Audrey! She was in daycare around this time ( probably 4 or 5). #weloveaudreydba

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Real ballerina

In the adorable video below Audrey is just six. The tiny girl had a chance to dance with the New York City Ballet. They performed"the Nutcracker" together, and she danced in the middle of two ballerinas. Audrey’s performance was amazing! Indeed, when the brave girl is dancing, she looks absolutely happy, and it fills her parents’ hearts with joy!

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