Pianist Impresses The 'Britain’s Got Talent' Audience With His Collaborative Orchestra Flesh Mob

Date November 21, 2017

When the judges of the 'Britain Got Talent' TV show saw a usual man on stage, what they didn’t expect is that he brought the whole orchestra with him to stun the audience!

Britain’s Got Talent / YouTube

Nicholas Bryant, 33, who is a leading pianist of the Collaborative Orchestra, came out on his own and started playing the piano, performing Queen’s song “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Suddenly, a violinist appeared on stage, joining Nicholas. The audience and the judges were a little surprised to see another performer.

But they were astounded when another 6 trumpet players stood up from the audience rows to accompany the pianist and the violin player.

Britain’s Got Talent / YouTube

Eventually, half of the audience and the first rows of the balconies turned out to be the members of the orchestra, making it one of the most spectacular shows in the history of the program. The cherry on top of the cake was the electric guitarist’s solo from a box seat.

Britain’s Got Talent / YouTube

The effect was an astounding flow of energy and music so different from the way it started. The judges seemed to be left stunned, and all of them, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams, gave Nicholas and his team the standing ovation.

Britain’s Got Talent / YouTube

The performers were so good that Simon said they were his "easiest yes" of the day, later adding:

That is what we're looking for.

Alesha said they were fantastic, adding:

Oh my goodness I didn't know where to look. That was one of the most brilliantly put together performances I have ever seen. Fabulous!

Britain’s Got Talent / YouTube

Cowell joked that if the group won the show, they would each have about eight pence. But even so, this amount is truly well deserved!

Please, watch the video to see their fabulous performance for yourself and feel this powerful energy of the music.

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