Rare And Odd Organisms That Inhabit The Depth Of The Ocean


November 18, 2017 12:05 By Fabiosa

Humans have only explored about 5% of the ocean on the planet. It means there is still 95% to discover, but the creatures we have already found just never cease to amaze us. Here are some of the most incredible and sometimes even alien-like sea dwellers known to people.

Giant spider crab

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It is the largest arthropod on Earth, living at the bottom of the ocean up to a 1,000 feet deep. These rare-looking sea monsters, coming from the waters near Japan, measure up to 12 feet from claw to claw.

Blue Tang

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The Blue Tang has an incredible coloration with bold black marks. These fish usually inhabit Indo-Pacific waters and are yellow when they are younger.


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There is a wide variety of living coral and coral reefs, with some of them as old as 50 million years. What is amazing is that corals are actually animals and not plants. They are relatives of anemones and jellyfish. They provide housing for many marine species, giving them an opportunity to live, reproduce and find food.

Flower Hat Jellyfish

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This is a rare species of jellyfish, living in the waters of southern Japan, Argentina, and Brazil. It looks stunning with its translucent bell and opaque bands. But beware: it carries a sting, which is non-lethal to humans, thankfully.

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

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When these fish are young, they show off magic of colors: dark blue, white and electric blue. Looking almost hypnotic, the fish develop blue and yellow stripes when they get older.


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Most people would recognize the cute fish from “Finding Nemo”, which made them famous! It is known as one of the most bright fish in the world, having distinctive white and red colors.

We might think that these species live very deep down in the ocean, so there is no chance we will ever see them. But, judging from this video, in which we can see unknown creatures come close to humans near the beach, we might be actually mistaken. Please, watch the video to see them for yourself.

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