Mother's Love Transformed Jeffrey Kendall Into ‘A Real-Life Disney Prince’

Date April 3, 2018

Mothers traditionally have been tasked with raising children. It is somewhat ironic that many societies still caution mothers about being too close to their sons. The theory is that boys who share strong emotional connections with their mothers grow up to be weak men.


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But that is untrue. The reality is that most boys who grow up without attachments to their mothers turn out to be maladjusted. Often, they become hostile, especially towards women.

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Boys who are close to their mothers also generally perform better at school. Eventually, they are less likely to be engaged in risky behavior. In addition, emotional intelligence is one quality that boys learn from mothers. And this helps adults a lot later in life, as they integrate with the larger society.

Jeffrey Kendall is ‘A real-life Disney Prince’

26-year-old Jeffrey Kendal from Torrington, Connecticut was always overweight. Growing up, he struggled with body image issue. He was constantly bullied and did not have many friends. When he turned 12, he tried to lose some weight with little success.

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Over the years, he continued to work on his weight. There were some positive moments when he lost some pounds, but he always seemed to put on even more.

When his mother suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015, Kendall was devastated. He felt his world had ended. And the situation only made his weight gain worse. After 7 months in the hospital, his mother was released, and she could not recognize him the first day she got out of the hospital.

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Kendall was very sad. He decided that he would have to work even harder to lose weight for his mother’s sake. With the help of a good friend, he started working out again using barbells and doing pushups. Soon, he was able to start going for regular runs.

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After a while, Kendall noticed that his mother could again recognize him. So, he pressed on. And in 100 weeks, he lost over 70 pounds. Kendall was too shy to share the new pictures of himself online, but he took a chance and shared them on Reddit. And the response was very positive. Some people even called him ‘A real-life Disney Prince’.

Kendal had just about given up hope of ever being fit, but the love he had for his mother and the pain at losing his connection with her due to his weight gain motivated him.

Famous celebrity moms

Tennis star Serena Williams tops the list of celebrity moms. She welcomed her baby, Alexis Ohanian, on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017. The tennis icon and her fiancé share a lot of photos of themselves and the cutey

Hot on her heels is singer Ciara. She had baby Sienna Princess Wilson in April of 2017 but did a pretty good job of keeping her away from cameras until February 15, 2018.

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They may have their hands full with their careers, but these celebrity moms spend a lot of time bonding with their children still.

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