Malia Obama Is Turning Out To Be A Lot Like Her Mother Michelle

Date April 9, 2018

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is still one of the most popular women to ever live in the White House. Despite her particularly busy schedule, she still stood as a shining example to millions of girls in America. And she always made out time for her kids, Sasha and Malia.

Even in the White House, Michelle still treated her daughters like most parents treat their children. She was particular about what they ate. So no impromptu snacking. She even had them ask before they opened the fridge.

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She was also concerned about what the girls watched on television. So their hours were regulated, especially during work days. But her rule extended to weekends.

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Malia is a lot like her mother

Michelle Obama has accomplished a lot in her lifetime. Her years in legal practice in many ways prepared her for her time in the White House.

Malia is already well on her way to following in her mother’s footsteps. At the end of 2017, she was granted admission at Harvard university. It happens to be the same institution Barack Obama and Michelle Obama attended.

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As she grows older, Malia is getting to look a lot more like her mother Michelle. On the surface, both ladies share the same charming smile. And it looks like Malia may be taking some fashion cues from her stylish mom.

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Thankfully, Malia, like her sister, was saved from the media and guided by her mother. She was able to live like a normal teenager in the White House.

All about Malia

She didn’t get a large allowance, even though her parents could afford it. Growing up, she also had to do chores at home. Her mom didn’t even let the staff make her bed.

Malia is allergic, but that did not stop her from getting a dog at the White House. She also loved playing soccer, even though her dad thought she was a bit out of place on the pitch.

She is rumored to be dating Rory Farquharson as they were spotted in January taking a walk on the streets of New York. Clearly, she still enjoys a healthy social life, despite her popularity.