Princess Charlotte Makes History By Keeping Her Place On The Succession List

Date April 9, 2018

Succession to the throne of Great Britain is determined by descent and gender. This rule applies to all royals born before October 2011. Queen Elizabeth II succeeded her father, George IV.

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As common law prescribes, inheritance of the Crown is a right accorded only to children of a sovereign or the nearest relative if the sovereign is without a child.


It is also required that the heir to the throne to be married before being crowned. In addition, the sovereign can disqualify an heir from succession if they marry without the sovereign’s consent.

Princess Charlotte is making history

Up until 2013, succession to the throne was also determined by gender. This means that Princess Charlotte who is currently fourth in line to the throne would have been bumped down a number with the arrival of a baby brother.


However, the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 revised the rule. So Charlotte gets to keep her spot. The new legislation came into effect when Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was pregnant with Prince George.


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As at May 2015, the order of succession to the throne was Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Prince Charlotte, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew. The new baby will push Prince Andrew down a notch and all other royals on the list.


There are 56 people currently on the official succession list. This includes all direct descendants of George IV. Still, no official list of all the heirs is maintained as the remoter collateral lines are uncertain.


Charlotte is a little Queen

She is barely 2, but little Princess Charlotte is a bundle of character. If there was ever a truer example of big things coming in smaller packages, it would be her. The feisty toddler always has a pleasant disposition and cuts the picture of the cute little sister.


The adorable child also loves pets. She shares dogs Lupo and a hamster named Marvin with her family.


And most of all, Princess Charlotte does look a lot like her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Many observers say she probably is on her way to being the spitting image of the Queen when she grows up. Plus, she oozes cuteness wherever she goes.

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Princess Charlotte