Saving Hope: The Danish Volunteer Who Saved A Nigerian Boy Accused Of Witchcraft

Date April 4, 2018 12:36

There are thousands of volunteer organizations in the world, and more are getting registered on a daily basis. For most, the aim is to provide aid and support to people facing a crisis or in positions of disadvantage.


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A good number of these organizations are open to volunteers who may not get paid. And as unattractive as that may seem, volunteering still has many advantages.

For starters, it provides an opportunity to give back to society by helping others in need. Also, there is ample room to make connections with new people on a personal and professional level.


In addition, volunteering can open up individuals to a world of career opportunities. Most of all, it provides a sense of accomplishment as a lot of the experience gained cannot really be monetized.

Saving Hope

In January 2016, Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Lovén, was volunteering in Nigeria. She ran the African Children's Aid Education and Development Foundation, a non-profit that helps children abandoned due to religious beliefs.

She was fortunate to meet Hope, a 2-year-old boy who had been accused of witchcraft. Lovén shared a picture of herself feeding the boy in the street, and it immediately went viral.

The kind aid worker was determined to save the little boy’s life, so she got him off the streets and into her orphanage. One year later, her efforts had made a world of difference.

Little Hope was no longer malnourished and was a healthy and happy child. He now attends school and, thanks to Lovén, has better chances of growing up productive.

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UNICEF has been concerned about the danger belief in witchcraft is causing in Africa. Boys, and even adults, like Hope are abandoned too. Many are often blamed for misfortune befalling other people, ostracized and tortured.

Thankfully, people like Lovén are doing what they can to protect and take care of victims like little Hope.

Children need caring

Sometimes, parents do not understand why their children find it hard integrating with others. Some forget that children who are denied love and affection are less likely to show love.


It is advisable to strike a healthy balance between affection and discipline when dealing with children. Communication is key in relationships, and this helps them learn how to deal with the process of growing.

Children need guidance to enable them to become respectful and responsible adults. The more time a parent spends with children sharing positive values, the better.

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