This Delightful Bulldog Has A Pretty Sad But Equally Amusing Expression

Date April 5, 2018

Bulldogs are the 6th most popular breed of dog in the world. But some cities like Los Angeles love them even more, placing them at the #1 spot. Even presidents love the tubby creatures. Warren G. Harding owned a bulldog named Oh Boy while he was in the White House.

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They are so popular that many universities and sports teams use them as their mascot. The University of Georgia team has one of the most popular bulldog mascots named Uga. Originally, bulldogs were bred in England as far back as the 16th century, before spreading to other parts of the world.

Madame Eyebrows has the saddest eyes

Madame Eyebrows is a little bulldog from Germany who has a very peculiar expression. Right from when she was born, she had large downturned eyebrows and pouty lips.

Now, it doesn’t matter what mood she is in, the cute dog always looks like she is sulking or just terribly sad.

However, Madame Eyebrows is a spritely little pooch and loves to pose for pictures. It may be difficult telling what mood she is in, but she does look amusing all the same.

If you never really cared much about bulldogs before, it is likely that Madam Eyebrows may make you change your mind. For one, she could be an awesome subject for a mood guessing game with friends.

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Before buying a bulldog

Picking a pet can be easy or hard, depending on how it is approached. For single person households, it may be a lot easier. But things get complicated when there are several people involved.

Bulldogs especially need extra attention due to the nature of their physiology. They are prone to chewing and need constant supervision. Also, they have been known to suffer genetic defects and may require regular visits to the veterinarian.


Some bulldogs love to sit in their owner's laps out of habit, forgetting that they weigh more than regular dogs, which is also one thing to consider. And they really can’t handle the heat. So leaving them outside is a bad idea.

There are lots of other quirks that come with bulldogs, though they still make wonderful pets. If still in doubt about buying one, ask other people who have some experience owning them before you make a purchase.

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