What Happened To The First Children After They Left The White House?

Date April 6, 2018 12:47

The First Family of the United States (FFOTUS) is the official title for the family of the President of the US. Ideally, it includes the President, his spouse and their children. In some cases, the title is also used in respect of family members who reside in the White House.

Every member of the first family is assigned a code name by the United States Secret Service. It makes identification much easier and has become a tradition of the government.

Where are the First Children now?

Presidential terms don’t last forever and as the president vacates office, his family does too. Although most presidents remain in the news, their children rarely do. Here are some first children and what they are up to now.

Michael Ford


His father was President Gerald Ford. In 1981, Michael Ford (sitting left) returned to his alma mater, Wake Forest University. He served as the associate dean of campus life.

Also, he was in charge of the school's philanthropic programming. His job primarily focused on student development.

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Caroline Kennedy

With extensive experience as a diplomat, Caroline Kennedy was a prominent face in the Obama administration. She is a former attorney and is a bestselling author. It was rumored in 2017 that she was considering running for Senate.


Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Her father was Richard Nixon, 37th President of the US. She got married to the grandson of Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the US. She has remained largely out of the press. Julie is an author and has written several biographies, including one for her mother, titled "Pat Nixon: The Untold Story."


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George W. Bush

The first son of George H.W. Bush, 41st President, he also became a president. Since he left office, he continues to make public appearances but largely commits his time to family life and art.


Malia Obama

Malia is currently a student at Harvard University, the same school both her parents attended. Before that, she was an intern at The Weinstein Company in New York.


Barron Trump

Barron gets an honorary mention as he is still living in the White House. His father, Donald Trump, is the sitting President of the United States. Currently, Barron attends St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland.


Fun facts about the first ladies

Michelle Obama has been hailed for her academic achievements, but Lucy Webb Hayes, the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes, was the first first lady to earn a college degree. She studied liberal arts at Cincinnati Wesleyan Female College in 1850.


And in 1812, Dolley Madison, wife of President James Madison organized the first wedding at the White House. Her sister, Lucy Payne Washington, married Supreme Court Justice Thomas Todd.

Do you know any other fun facts about the first ladies of the United States?

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