Beware Bad Guys, There's A New Cat-Cop In Town

Date April 11, 2018

Besides being pets, dogs are particularly useful in law enforcement. From police to border control, canines are used to sniff out criminals, illegal substances, and also during searches.

By nature, dogs have a keen sense of smell which is almost 50 times more sensitive than in humans. It is so keen that they can discern a particular scent even if it is obscured by other scents.


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Also, their presence serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. Dogs are also awesome at maintaining order. Sometimes, a warning bark can achieve what it takes several men to do.

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Police dogs even have their own special units and go through years of training to prepare them for tasks. Many police departments have a K-9 unit which consists of dogs and their handlers.

Michigan Police is hiring a kitty

Last month, the Troy Police Department in Michigan decided to employ the first cat on its force. They sent out a bulletin on Twitter, hoping to get at least 10,000 followers by April.

Astonishingly, the support they got was more than anticipated. More than 11,000 people responded to the call. And this happened in less than a week.


The station decided to audition cats to serve as the station mascot. And on Friday, members of a local Humane Society showed up at the station with five of their cutest kittens.

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Of course, not just any cat was going to get the job. A rigorous “pawsonality” check was carried out first. So no room for any shady characters. Police Sgt. Megan Lehman told WXYZ that they were looking out for “temperament and demeanor" in the cats.

The lucky kitten who gets the job will be officially assigned to pet duty at the station. In addition, it will also be going home to live with one of the officers.

Lehman also added:

We are looking for a community outreach cat. They will also spend time posting on social media.

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It is a very rare move for the police who traditionally recruit dogs, not cats. But whatever the case may be, there’s still a need to issue a stern warning. Look out, evil doers. There’s a new cop on the block. Meow!

Save a cat today

Adopting a rescue kitten is an awesome idea. Most shelters usually only keep the furballs for as long as they remain tiny and adoptable. This is because old kittens are usually euthanized to make room for more kittens.


It may be more convenient getting a kitten from a pet shot, but adopting one from a shelter usually saves at least one life. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to give these adorable creatures a chance at life.

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If you are particular about cat breeds, shelters are also a good place to find rare kittens. And if you don't really care whether your new friend would be of any breed, it would cost you way less. You might even get your 'puurfect' furry companion for free. So why not give adoption a shot?

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