George Clooney Is Still Pretty Green At The Fatherhood Game

Date April 6, 2018

When George Clooney finally decided to tie the knot after declaring severally that marriage was not for him, the world went haywire. Then came his wedding in 2014 to Amal Alamuddin. And in 2017, they announced they were expecting.


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In June 2017, the couple welcomed twins Ella and Alexander. They released a press statement to announce the successful delivery.


Clooney was not very ready to be a father

Back in September, when Clooney was at the Toronto Film Festival, the proud dad couldn’t help but show off his beautiful babies. Speaking with journalists, Clooney showed pictures of the twins sleeping.

Although I wasn’t completely unaware of what life would be like, all my friends have kids, and I’m godfather to about 20 of them, so I knew what I was in for.

At 56, Clooney is not a young father. And even he accepts that this comes with its own challenges.

Is there a perfect age to become a parent? Look, I left it so late that I’m the last person to talk to about child-raising because I’m no expert. All I can do is play catch-up and hope I’m not on a walker when I’m chasing my grown kids around!


Despite this, Clooney is still pretty positive about fatherhood. He even shared a joke, comparing himself to the late Tony Randall who became a father for the first time at 77. Clooney may be old, but not that old.


He confessed to being tired most of the time as he was hardly prepared for fatherhood, especially with twins. Taking care of two babies is twice the work. And even with help from Amal, Clooney says it is a lot.


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The actor said he finds it amusing how different the twins are. Alexander is almost twice as large as Ella and can get particularly animated. Ella, on the other hand, is almost always quiet.

Still, Clooney was full of admiration for Amal who he says spends more of her time taking care of the kids. Despite the sleepless nights, Clooney is still very happy to have the twins in his life.


Look, today is the first time since they’ve been born that I’ve been away from them, and my wife’s sending me pictures and I’m sitting here thinking, 'God, I wish I was with my kids' — and that’s fun.

Clooney said he never really imagined having a family this late in his life. Seeing as he had been single for long, he expected that his career would be top on his list of priorities. But since Amal and the twins, he has had to rework his list.

No more kids

The Clooney’s love their twins and children. But they are not keen on having any more. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, Amal said a very clear no when she was asked about having more kids.

I’m 39, I already had them quite late.


Finding out they had twins was shocking enough, Clooney said. But he is handling it like a champ alongside wife Amal.


For the moment, George Clooney is focusing on daddy duties.

Right now, my job is changing diapers and walking them around a little bit. I really didn’t think at 56 that I would be the parent of twins. Don’t make plans. You always have to just enjoy the ride.

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