Like Father, Like Son: Comedian John Candy's Kid Is Also An Actor

Date April 3, 2018

Canadian comedian John Candy is best known for his appearances in Uncle Buck, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Cool Runnings. Despite his passing in 1994 from a heart attack, his children, Jen and Chrisopher Candy, still hold on to fond memories of him.

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To celebrate Easter, daughter Jen shared a series of photos on her Instagram showing her dad. This one featured the late comic all decked up in a bunny costume at Easter.

24 years later , you are still loved & greatly missed. #JohnCandy #Dad

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Last month, she also shared a photo of herself sleeping while John carried her on his back. 2018 masks the 24-year anniversary of the comedian’s death, but as Jen says, there’s still a lot of love for him.

He was just an amazing actor. There was only one John Candy and he was it. – Chris Candy

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Grown up to be just like dad


Jen and Christopher Candy also grew up to be actors like their famous father. Christopher, while speaking with ET Canada in 2014, confessed that his work is heavily influenced by the late John Candy.

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My dad's ability as an actor was that he was very funny, and he had a lot of heart behind all of his work, and he loved to do it. I feel like that has definitely come across in my work.

Christopher may not be a comedian, but he sure does get his looks from his famous father. And they could easily pass for siblings.

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Sadly, Christopher did not get the opportunity to act beside his father before he passed in 1994. But his work in Hollywood remains as a solid foundation and reference point for Christopher’s work.

Thanks @mistaskin this is nasty.

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Christopher starred in Bar America (2014) as a local celebrity named Charlie who fights to hold on to his friend as fame tries to break an old friendship.

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Interesting facts about John Candy

By 1983, John Candy was getting as much as $350k to play roles in movies. But he turned down the role of Louis Tully in Ghostbusters. And it didn’t mean much that Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis had written the part specifically for him. The pay was just not good enough.

John is also one of the few people who ever got immortalized on their own stamp. The comedian had his image imprinted on the Canadian 51 cent stamp in 2006 as part of their “Canadians In Hollywood” series.

John also loved radio and even had his own show on Los Angeles station KNX-FM, called Radio Kandy. The show went on air in 1989 after the actor worked briefly as a DJ.

Even in death, he remains one of the funniest Canadians to ever go mainstream. And his son Christopher is well on his way to becoming an icon like his father in the future.

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