Love Without Limits: This Kind Restaurant Worker Helped Feed A Disabled Man

Date April 13, 2018

Life can be difficult sometimes, especially when faced with challenges. However, the burden is likely to be a lot less when there are people around to share with. No one person has all the answers to every question, and it helps to have professional input.

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Interaction and communication with other people is also a good way to learn new things and share ideas. Also, when pushed to the limit or at breaking point, other people can provide much-needed motivation.

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Community spirit also encourages healthy competition. When other people are involved in an activity, there is always a higher bar to strive to compared to when a person is alone.

Kindness makes the world a better place

People with physical disabilities usually find it harder coping with simple everyday tasks. But it is always heartwarming to see more capable people step in to offer assistance. And an employee at a fast food restaurant did just this.

When a customer with “disability of the arms and leg” was having issues eating his meal, the kind employee stepped in to help. He sat patiently with the man and helped him enjoy his meal.

Another customer, Laurinha Victória, shot the video and couldn’t help but express her joy at the kind gesture. She shared the clip on Facebook alongside this note:

Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes, seeing this scene at the north mall food square.

The video has already gone viral. With more than 170,000 comments, this random act of kindness is generating a lot of buzz.

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One comment read:

That is to do your part to make someone’s life better and soften the suffering of the other. That’s love.


The incident happened at the Giraffas restaurant at the “north mall food square” in Brazil. It does feel good to know that there are still people with kind hearts in the world.

Helping people with disabilities

People with disabilities may appear different, but they are just as normal as every other individual. They should be treated with the same degree of respect as everyone else. It is very rude to stare at people with disabilities as it makes them uncomfortable.


Some disabled people are known to be particularly creative and intelligent. It would be unwise to sign them off as unproductive and incompetent due to their appearance or general disposition. Still, if you notice a disabled person is facing a challenge, offer to help.


It is important to make accommodation for people with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps are a good way for building owners to show concern for people with mobility issues, and most importantly, show love for disabled people, not pity. They are as equal as able-bodied individuals and should be treated so.

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