'To Infinity And Beyond': Can You Pass This Astronauts' Test?


April 4, 2018 17:24 By Fabiosa

Preparing to become an astronaut is a long and tedious process that takes years to accomplish. The NASA astronaut selection process began in 1959. Back then, candidates were required to have extensive flight training and engineering backgrounds.

Space exploration was a big part of manned mission, so scientific expertise was also a major requirement. Some of the first astronauts had higher degrees in physics, chemistry, math, and biology.

And everyone had to pass a grueling barrage of physical tests designed to check endurance during extended periods away from earth. In addition, extra training on teamwork and cooperation was required.

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The idea of leaving earth and exploring space seems to be getting more attention these days. In 2016, NASA received over 18,000 applications from people wanting to become astronauts.

It’s not all about science

Despite the emphasis on science and technical skills, some of the tests can be taken by just about anybody.

Tom Peake, one of the most famous astronauts from England, shared this riddle on his Facebook page. It is one of the tests he had to take before he became an astronaut.

The riddle is part of his book, “Ask An Astronaut.” Can you figure out the right answer?

Everyone is trying it

While the riddle may seem pretty straightforward, the answers provided by Peake’s followers on Facebook are very different and pretty amusing on occasion.

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Maybe you have always imagined what it would be like wearing a space suit and having to speak into a headset. Or you bounced around in a pool and felt like you were weightless and walking on the moon.

Well, you just might be an astronaut in the making. At least Tom Peake seems to think so. So why not give this riddle a shot? Again, the instructions are very clear:

Imagine that you are facing a cube. This cube can roll to the left, right, forward (towards you), or backwards (away from you). There is a dot on the bottom of the cube. Now in your mind, roll the cube: forward, left, left, forward, right, backwards, right. Where’s the dot?

Are you ready to find out what the answer is? Well, Peake revealed it the very next day, saying:

I loved reading all your answers…and congratulations to all those who said it ended up on the bottom of the cube!

Did you figure it out? If you had fun with it, share with others too.

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