You Will Always Recognize That Moustache: Most Memorable Roles Of Sam Elliott

Date December 13, 2018

A genius actor, Sam Elliott, is one of the most charismatic and engaging professionals in Hollywood history.

Charismatic actor

Elliott started his early career in 1969 in the films he is mostly recognized by are westerns: The Crystal Maze, Death Bait, The Shadow Riders, and other. His breakthrough, though, happened in 1985 when he got the supporting role in Mask.

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Later on, already in XXI century, he started to play wise and cunning characters, taking parts in masterpieces such as The Golden Compass, Hulk, Thank You for Smoking, and even appeared in the Netflix series The Ranch. This list could be continued for a long time, however, let’s reminisce about Sam’s most memorable period of his acting career.

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Most memorable roles

1. Tombstone

Named one the best western movie ever made, the film stars Sam Elliott as Virgil Earp. Full of handguns, mustaches, and of course action, this legendary motion picture depicts Elliott’s character perfectly.

2. Road House

Even though it is quite a rough film for real men, it stars amazing actors that female group wouldn’t mind seeing. Sam plays Wade Garrett here – a wise mentor and true friend of Patrick Swayze’s character.

3. Mask

A completely different look at Sam’s career. Not a cowboy anymore, Elliott plays a father figure and acts as a peacemaker between two main heroes. An exhilarating piece of cinematography.

4. Contender

The political drama where Sam plays as a Kermit Newman – White House Chief of Staff. The events are based on the US president and his new Vice President. Another wonderful film definitely worth watching.

Fans' feedback

Sam Elliott is a miscellaneous actor. He is able to play brutal roles but at the same time is not above playing sensitive characters.

We will forever remember his mustache and his look, full of determination and motivation. What about you? What favorite character can you remind being played by Sam? Share with us in the comments.

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