Could It Be The Water? 14 Celebrities Who Are Parents Of Twins

Date February 26, 2018

Twins. Double the fun! Two is better than one! And these celebrity parents know it.


Multiple births are more common than they were in the past, due to the advancing average age of mothers and the associated rise in assisted reproductive techniques, in particular, the use of fertility drugs.

How are twins even formed?


Hormones secreted by the ovaries, and a small gland in the brain called the pituitary, control the menstrual cycle. The average cycle is around 28 days. After a menstrual period, rising levels of the hormone, estrogen help to thicken the lining of the womb and release an egg from one of the ovaries.

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If the egg is fertilized on its journey down the fallopian tube, it lodges in the thickened womb lining starts dividing and evolves into an embryo. To form identical twins, one fertilized egg splits and develops two babies with precisely the same genetic information.


This differs from fraternal twins, where two eggs are fertilized by two sperm and produce two genetically unique children, who are no more alike than individual siblings born at different times. Twins are more or less equally likely to be female or male. Contrary to popular belief, the incidence of twins doesn’t skip generations.


Celebrity parents of twins

Having twins can be tricky with double the work of just one new baby. But with double the work, comes double the reward, fun, and irresistible baby love.


Plus, there are all the adorable matching outfits as they grow up together. Who doesn't love a set of matching onesies?!

Scroll down to take a look at some of our favorite famous moms and dads of twins.

1. Beyonce and Jay Z

2. George and Amal Clooney


3. Madonna

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4. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick


5. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

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6. Celine Dion Rene Angelil


7. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder


8. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

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9. Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips

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10. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


11. Neil Partick Harris and David Burtka


12. Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

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13. Ricky Martin


14. Lisa Marie Presley


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Factors that increase the chances of having twins.

Some women are more likely than others to give birth to twins. The factors that increase the odds include:

1. Advancing age of the mother

Women in their 30s and 40s have higher levels of the sex hormone estrogen than younger women, which means that their ovaries are stimulated to produce more than one egg at a time.

2. Number of previous pregnancies

The higher the number of pregnancies a woman has already had, the higher her odds of conceiving twins.


3. Heredity

A woman is more likely to conceive fraternal twins if she is a fraternal twin, has already had fraternal twins, or has siblings who are fraternal twins.

4. Race

Black African women have the highest incidence of twins, while Asian women have the lowest.

5. Assisted reproductive techniques

Many procedures rely on stimulating the ovaries with fertility drugs to produce eggs and, often, several eggs are released per ovulation.


No matter how your twins were conceived, or how they were born, babies are delightful. Parenting multiples have its unique challenges, but it also yields special rewards.

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