Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton: One Of The Most Publicized Love Stories Of All Time

Date March 28, 2018

In 2011, Academy Award winner Elizabeth Taylor checked into Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, for her congestive heart failure condition, but after about six weeks, she died.

Her legacy remains till date and in this post, we will be taking you into details of her personal life through her many lovers and to her children and grandchildren. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Taylor's grandchildren are keeping her legacy alive

Taylor was as famous for her acting as she was for her activism. Today, her offsprings are making it clear that passion is the best inheritance of all.

Activist was perhaps the greatest role Taylor ever played. In 1985, she made her first foray into fundraising as co-chair of a dinner for AIDS Project Los Angeles, which raked in a reported $ 1 million — a huge accomplishment at a time when the disease was rarely discussed.

This put the actress on a philanthropic path she would follow the rest of her life. She launched the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation to give grants to organizations that provide direct care to people living with HIV and AIDS.

Since its creation, the foundation has made grants to more than 675 groups in 44 countries. And although Taylor is gone, her organization remains an active force in funding HIV education and advocacy programs and supporting communities affected by the disease. Equally impressive is that so much of the work being done in Taylor’s name today isn’t just in her honor, but is spearheaded by her own family.

She is survived by her four children, - daughters Maria Burton-Carson and Liza Todd-Tivey, sons Christopher and Michael Wilding - ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Richard Burton was her only true love


When she was on her fourth marriage to Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton met in the early 60s on the set of Cleopatra. At the time, the actress had three children: two sons with her second husband, Michael Wilding, and daughter with her third husband, Michael Todd. Burton was in the process of adopting a German orphan, later known as Maria Burton, while he was still married to his first wife.


They began one of the most turbulent love stories while captivating millions of viewers with their on-again, off-again relationship. Despite the multiple marriages between them, they shared a love that was deep and fierce, the kind of love that can often be as destructive as it is beautiful.

Only days after Taylor's divorce was finalized, the couple wed on March 15, 1964, in a ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal, beginning what has been referred to as "the marriage of the century."


This would be the first of the couple's two marriages, which both ended in divorce. Taylor was known to have tantrums, while Burton had problems with alcoholism. Despite both having other relationships after their split, Taylor and Burton couldn't stay away from each other for long. They told the public they were in love again and were married secretly in October 1975, for the second time, in Botswana.


But Taylor and Burton reportedly fought so much they were unable to live together and agreed to split up again less than a year after the ceremony. Despite their rough past and two divorces, the pair always held each other near and dear, remaining close friends.

Celebrities who have more than five marriages

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1. Mickey Rooney

First married in 1942, the former child star, Mickey Rooney, had in total nine official wives. His last love, Jan, has been with him since 1978 until Mickey’s death in 2014.

2. Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor had eight husbands until 1986, when she met Prince Frederic von Anhalt. He has been there for her when she suffered from the recent illness and eventually passed away in 2016.

3. Lana Turner

During her 32 years, Lana Turner managed to wed eight times but died alone in 1995. She had the only child from her second husband, Stephen Crane, being married to him for just a few months.

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