These Women Are Showing That There Is A Healthy Way To Stay Fabulous After 40

Date March 20, 2018 17:56

‘Midlife crisis’ is a phrase coined by Elliot Jacques and explained in more detail by the psychologist Carl Jung. It refers to a time of life when people transition from being young people to become older adults.


It is not exclusive to one gender because both men and women experience it. However, it is different: Men concentrate on their achievements, while women may start to obsess with their looks.

Signs of midlife crisis


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A midlife crisis can take many forms. It can represent danger, no matter how it shows itself. Here are common signs:

1. Health scares


People facing midlife crises tend to worry about their health a lot. They call their doctor at the slightest sign of an illness.

2. Tough questions


Because they are at life’s crossroads, people will start asking themselves ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where am I going in my career?‘

3. Comparisons

And then, they will begin to compare themselves with others. Depression may set in because they may resent that they are not as successful as others are.

4. Acknowledging tme


They will also have a sense of time flying. They may suddenly feel discouraged with their lives and routines.

5. Focus on appearance


People facing midlife crises may start feeling dissatisfied with their looks because they are conscious of growing older. The obsession may drive them to try numerous weight loss programs. Also, older men and women may try to appear younger than they are. They may feel left behind, or that doing so is the only way to connect with their children. Women may start to dress younger than they are, while men may show off.

6. Having affairs


Finally, people experiencing midlife crises may crave romantic attention. The boredom that sometimes accompanies years of marriage may overwhelm - they may seek new partners.

Women who are beating midlife crisis blues

In the past, every woman dreaded getting older: achy knees, gray hairs, and somehow always forgetting where you put those car keys. But now? Women are realizing that life doesn't stop at 40. In fact, it only gets better.

1. Alice Hart-Davis, 54, can now lift 88 lbs without worrying about straining her back.

2. Daisy Waugh, 51, gave up her vices and does a 45-minute run four times a week.


3. Christa D’Souza, 57, feels fitter now than she was in her 20s, after starting yoga.

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Celebs give the best fit advice

Gwen Stefani

Singer, actress, fashion designer, and mother of two combines strength training for total-body toning with cardio workouts to stay lean. She also sticks to a healthy diet packed with organic fruits and veggies, soymilk, and nuts.

Julianne Moore

The 50-year-old actress admits working hard for her fit figure, adding a stability ball to abs exercises, bridges, and warrior poses and doing regular cardio workouts.

Elle Macpherson

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At 47, she is just as much "The Body" she was when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition — five times. Her secret? Variety. Elle keeps her workouts interesting by adding biking and surfing to regular gym sessions. The Australian model also swears by fish oil and steers clear of cigarettes and alcohol.

Diane Lane

She has worked the red carpet down to a science. The 45-year-old beauty claims to eat whatever she wants in moderation and sticks to yoga as her exercise of choice.

Marisa Tomei

She spills some of her secrets in her fitness DVD, "Marisa Tomei Core and Curves." The 46-year-old actress told us she likes to mix up her cardio with hula hooping and dancing, and she says she grazes all day to stave off hunger.

In conclusion, a midlife crisis is a trying period of one’s life, but you can overcome it with effort, determination, and self-belief.

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