World's Oldest Lingerie Model Has A Powerful Message About Aging


April 3, 2018 14:50 By Fabiosa

Age is not a number. It's an attitude.

That's how Dorrie began the video which has gone viral and is making women around the world appreciate life after sixty. It is evident that the 83-year-old vixen loves her self and her body.


Every woman needs to love herself

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Aging can really take its toll on self-confidence, especially in this youth-oriented, appearance-focused culture.

Yes, getting older can impact self-confidence, but only if we zero in on the physical changes and the loss of youth. So why struggle against something we can't control?

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Instead, choose to focus your attention on the positive aspects of getting older. Gratitude will inspire your life and create abundance and positive energy for living.

Powerful words from 83-year-old lingerie model

This 83-year-old, who is thought to be the world's oldest lingerie model, has a powerful message about aging. She says:

I decided to become the world's oldest lingerie model to inspire women and show them that a woman in her eighties can still be sexy.

She loves her lingerie and shared that her boyfriend loves it too.

We're very different from what our grandmothers were. We're not sitting in a rocking chair and knitting. If an older woman shows a little bit of cleavage, she makes people very uncomfortable. Now, a sexy man is celebrated, so I've decided at 83 to become the world's oldest lingerie model, give them something to talk about.

She used to be a Playboy bunny, and now she is one of the top fashion influencers over 60 in the world. Dorrie set up an Instagram page called Senior Style Bible to combat ageism.

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Tips on how to love yourself at any age

From the age of 40, we finally understand that every person you come across has a role. Some people will put you to the test, others will use you; there are those who love you and teach you. But the really important people are the ones that bring out the best in you. According to Dorrie, here are some tips for loving yourself at any age:

1. Stop being age appropriate in the way that you dress and in the way you act.


2. Throw away the rulebook and start taking risks.


3. Get out there and enjoy life.


We exist only for a short while. And though it is beautiful to love and give yourself to another, it is important to love and give to yourself.

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