Rescued Snake Repays A Good Deed And Saves This Family From Burning In A House Fire

Date March 19, 2018

There is nothing like a friendly greeting from the family pet to make you feel like a superstar. Although pets require an investment of time, money, and attention, research shows that the health benefits received in return are worth it.

Pets can improve human lives

They develop their owners’ mental, physical, and emotional health while also helping people fight diseases or adjust to chronic health problems. Here are the following ways that pets improve people’s health:

1. Lower risk of allergies

Research indicates that kids who grow up around farm animals, dogs, or cats tend to have stronger immune system chemicals and are at lower risk of developing allergies, asthma, or eczema.

2. Reduce stress

Recent surveys demonstrate that 55 percent of people who spend time with their pets were more relaxed and less worried about job security, finances, and other related problems.

3. Improve heart health

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that pet owners have lower triglycerides, blood pressure, and heart rates.

4. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Researchers at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, report that dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol because they walk their dogs regularly.

5. Cope better with serious illness

Having a pet to care for each day forces people who are dealing with serious health problems to keep moving and live each day, so they end up taking better care of themselves, too.

This snake saved the family from house fire

A Chinese man, Yu Feng, found a dying snake outside his home and took care of it till it recovered 20 days after. He took the snake a mile away from his home and released it into the mountain, but the snake returned to his home.

Eventually, he kept the snake and named it Long Long. One night, Long Long saved his family's life. Yu narrates:

I was asleep when I felt something cold on my face. It was Long Long. He had never woken me up before. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep, but Long Long grabbed my clothes with his teeth and whipped the bed with his tail. Then, he went to my mother’s bed and whipped her bed with his tail. ... I woke up and smelt something burning, and saw my mother’s electric blanket was on fire, so I leapt up and turned it off.

Pet snakes can also be cute

When you hear the word "cute," snakes are probably the last thing to come to your mind. There's just something so cunning about them that we're unable to look past their slick skin and venomous fangs to see their true beauty. But they can be quite adorable, take a look.

What do you think about Long Long the snake, could he have alerted the family to the fire? Local reptile experts say snakes can't do that. What do you think?