6 Real-Life Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Date February 22, 2018 10:11

Everyone who grew up in the 90s was probably exposed to an indecent amount of really great cartoons. This is not to say that what children of other decades watched was not great.

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90s kids had it better.

Before "Avatar: The Last Air Bender", there was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and there was "X-Men."


There was so much good stuff to choose from. The cartoon characters we got to know on the screen became just as real as the people in our lives. We imagined ourselves in the fictional worlds they lived in or wished our friends were just as cool.

Who can forget Fred from "Scooby Doo" or Eric Cartman from "South Park"?

Real-life actors who look like cartoon characters.

We may be grownups now with work and responsibilities, but these characters have stayed with us. We are constantly on a quest for similarities between our favorite things from childhood and our present realities.

This list is necessary because every time we see these real-life actors, we are reminded of our favorite cartoon characters who look like them. This is not even just a 90s thing. It cuts across the decades.

Jennifer Lawrence and Luanne Platter

J. Law only came to our attention through the "Hunger Games", but she looks a lot like this "King Of The Hill" character; you would think she was modeled after J. Law.


Gary Oldman and Ned Flanders

It's hard to believe that the creators of the Simpsons did not have Gary Oldman in mind when they made the character Ned Flanders.

Emma Stone and Kimberly Ann Possible

A lot of people think Emma Stone brings the beautiful character of "Kim Possible" to life. They have exactly the same red hair and green eyes. Some might say their adventurous spirits are similar.

Michelle Williams and Tinker Bell

If you have ever thought Michelle Williams and Tinker Bell look alike, you are not alone.


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Blake Lively and Sailor Moon

We agree that there are similarities between Blake Lively and Sailor Moon that are hard to ignore.

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You are your favorite character.

These characters made such an impression on us. Our lives revolved around them. We watched them after school and we looked forward to spending long Saturday mornings with them.


It is safe to say, they played a huge role in the formation of our personalities. If your favorite cartoon was "Doug" and you loved Judy Funnie, it is very likely that you are a hipster at heart. It's not even rocket science. That's just how socialization works.

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