Green Tea Anyone? 8 Ancient Japanese Practices That Can Help Women Stay Fit And Look Younger

Date March 28, 2018 17:01

Japan is known to have the worlds oldest population. In 2015, Yasutaro Koide, 112, was recognized by Guiness World Records as oldest man on Earth.


Why the Japanese live long.

Life expectancy in the Asian country is very high and there is a culture of healthy eating. A study tracked the lifestyle of 36,624 men and 42,920 women aged between 45 and 75.

The one thing that connected the participants was that they faithfully followed the recommended food guide the Japanese government outlined for the nation in 2005.

All the participants did not have any history of cancer, stroke, heart or chronic liver diseases.

After 15 years, the study showed that they had less risk of death from cardiovascular disease and naturally had a chance to live longer.

Japanese women don't age fast.

Their diet does more than making them live longer. Together with certain cultural practices, it is credited with making women in the country fit and youthful.


1. Green tea anyone?

The practice of drinking tea has become a global phenomenon, with a market for slimming teas skyrocketing. Many women swear by them, although, it is hard to determine how effective they are.


Culturally, Japanese women love their tea. They also love their sauerkraut and fermented foods, known to aid digestion.

2. Small portions

The Japanese have specific cultures around serving and eating that helps them stay fit through the years too. Importantly, they do not serve food in large portions.

3. Walking

Rather than drive or sit for long commutes, they prefer to cycle and walk as often as possible.


4. Eating

It's a cultural thing, but they find it offensive when people eat and carry out other activities.

5. It's in their cooking

They cook as healthily as possible to retain the nutrients in the food. They opt for simmering food or eating mostly raw.

6. Martial arts

All forms of martial art are great for cardiovascular health, but they also aid weight loss and delay aging. This is a well known Japanese secret to staying fit and young.

7. Hot spring bath

Relaxing in hot baths is a great way to get your heart and vital organs going. And Japanese women know this.

8. Healthy desserts

Their desserts are made from buckwheat flour, fresh fruits, and sweet potato. This way, they avoid flour, caramel, and foods that make weight gain inevitable.

Take a trip to Japan as soon as you can.

Japan has a rich culture and the people are considered friendly. Although, this woman's expression may not seem particularly friendly.


Words like kimono and samurai have become globally popular thanks tp the Japanese. Their art and literature are also widely accepted. Almost everyone knows someone who is passionate about Japanese cartoons.

Thinking of where to travel to next? You should probably have Japan high on your list. It is known for its beauty; the seasonal changes are quite a spectacle.

If seasons are not your thing, their advancement in technology and many islands might do it for you.