More Than Meets The Eye: Madden And Moon Are Almost A Mirror Image

Date March 29, 2018

Have you ever wondered why different people have different eye colors? Well, it’s caused by melanin, the same melanin that is responsible for skin color. While most people have eyes of the same color, some people have different colored eyes.


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This condition is known as heterochromia. And it’s not just people who have it. Dogs, cats, and horses have it too. Interestingly, most people who have heterochromia do not have a history of the condition in their families.

Friendship knows no color.

Madden Humphreys became quite popular a few months ago for his anti-bullying video. The little boy has a cleft lip and also has complete heterochromia iridum. Essentially, both his eyes are totally different colors.

However, when Christina Humphreys of Oklahoma got a message from her cleft moms group about a special rescue kitten, she was immediately interested. The kitten had complete heterochromia iridum. With the help of friends, Christina was able to fund a trip to Minnesota to pick up the kitten from a shelter.

Christina adopted the kitty named Moon and the furball has become Madden’s best friend. In the aftermath of reactions and the controversy that followed Madden’s video, this new friendship keeps the little boy happy.

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For Christina, she hopes that her story will encourage even more people to show compassion for special children and pets like Madden and Moon.

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Cats are good with kids.

Cats are awesome companions for kids for many reasons. Most children who own cats are unlikely to have allergies. And for children who are managing trauma, having a warm kitten around does help.


Aaron Katcher, M.D., emeritus professor of psychiatry says that cats can have a calming effect on people. That includes babies. And cats are pretty intelligent too so don’t be surprised if they teach the little ones a thing or two.

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