Impressive! Celebrities Whose Hidden Talents Are Overshadowed By Their Acting Careers

Date March 23, 2018

As fickle as fame is, there are people who have mastered the art of staying in the news regardless of what is happening in their professional lives.


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Famous for being famous.

Paris Hilton is a perfect example of this. Once upon a time, before the Kardashian sisters, Hilton was known as the celebrity who was famous for being famous.


Sure, she was also known as the granddaughter of the wealthy Conrad Hilton who founded the Hilton Hotels, but she wasn't the only kid from a super rich family. So, why was she famous enough to become an international celebrity that still makes the news even in 2018?

A new psychology study is helping people understand how this happens and why some celebrities continue to be a part of our lives long after their claim to fame has disappeared.


According to Nathanael Fast and his team at Stanford University in California, "Prominent people stay popular for longer than they ought to because they serve as conversational fodder, which in turn drives more media coverage."

And this is why they very easily dominate our conversations. According to a psychologist at the University of British Columbia called Mark Schaller:

Catching an idea is not a whole lot different in some metaphorical way than catching a disease.

Point is, it spreads rather quickly!

Celebrities with enough talents to go around.

Thankfully, there are celebrities who are famous for their talents and have other talents most people do not know about. Here are a few celebrities who have enough skills to go around:

Margot Robbie

The leading actress is not just the perfect villain from Suicide Squad, she also has been a tattoo artist for years. Robbie gave her co-star Cara Delevingne a ‘toe-moji’ and she has given at least 100 tattoos so far.

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Christopher Walken

The Catch Me If You Can actor is a lion tamer in addition to being a leading Hollywood man. He even calls the lion he tamed at 16, "a sweet, old girl". And adds that she was like a house cat.


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Pierce Brosnan

He remains one of the most memorable James Bonds, but long before he played the sleek secret agent, he learned to be a fire-eater in 1969. He still puts that on his CV, because, why not!

Sandra Bullock

Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock can speak German with a fluency that is admirable. She picked up the language from her many visits to her mother's country as a kid. A job as a translator would be a piece of cake.

Ellen Page

The Canadian actress famous for her role in Juno has mean juggling skills. On CONAN, she was asked what other talents she has and she showed his audience her impressive talent.

Share yourself with the world!

It is pretty dope that these celebrities have all these really cool skills. Still, it is important to note that cultivating a unique talent is not the sole preserve of famous people.

You too can find things you are great at doing and share them with the world.


All you need to do is focus on your strengths, as against thinking constantly about what you are not great at.

It also helps if you don't compare yourself with others. Instead of doing this, approach people who inspire or even intimidate you. You could learn a whole lot from them.

Go ahead and share yourself with the world!

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