Kelly Clarkson Struggled With Bulimia Before She Took Charge Of Her Life And Lost 40 Lbs

Date March 27, 2018

Kelly Clarkson debuted her brand new weight on The Tonight Show recently, to the amazement of fans. Her drastic 40-lb weight loss comes as she gets ready to take on coaching duties on The Voice.

Getting healthy.

The singer had been secretly working with a fitness expert and living on a high-protein and raw vegetable diet. 

But, last year, she told Attitude Magazine that she had struggled with self-love even when she was at her skinniest in the past.

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Clarkson has faced numerous incidents of body shaming, but she has always put the trolls in check in the most effective ways. In 2017, she put up a post in honor of the American military and got a comment informing her of her weight gain.

The rude commenter said, You’re fat”. But Clarkson set him straight immediately. She said simply, “and still .…. awesome”.

Her dark years

Her journey to self-love did not come easily. She struggled with accepting her body type after she found fame with the release of her albums, Thankful and Breakaway. She says the years after winning American Idol were difficult.


But, her problems did not begin with fame. In 2007, she came clean about her struggle with bulimia as far back as when she was in the 7th grade.


Around the time that her third album, My December, was released, Clarkson knew it was time to get comfortable with herself. So, she stopped desperately trying to get slim, got rid of the negativity from her social circle and gained some weight.

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In her Attitude Magazine interview, she said:

I was miserable, like inside and out, for four years of my life. But no one cared because aesthetically you make sense.


She also told journalists that she had gotten to the point where she was happy, as long as her weight did not affect her ability to hold a tune.

Good vibes only

Clarkson has over the years made herself a great spokesperson for people who have had to deal with body shamers.

Being comfortable in her skin regardless of her size has helped a lot of her fans learn to accept themselves. But, what is even more inspiring about the singer's relationship with her body is the fact that she is willing to take ownership and get healthy when she needs to.


This is why the Stronger singer is amazing. She does not make space in her life for self-loathing and remains open to personal transformation.

Be like Kelly Clarkson!

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