Mysterious! Woman From Phoenix Says Her Late Sister Spoke To Her Through A Song

Date March 27, 2018 10:38

Sisters share a bond that can be beautiful and formidable. They are bound by memories and similarities that run deep and last long after death separates them.

Sister love

There are the arguments over clothes, privileges, food, the tussle for influence, and affection. But, no matter how much siblings antagonize each other or compete, they stick together.


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In the book, Brothers and Sisters: Discovering the Psychology of Companionship, psychologist, Lara Newton, breaks down the reasons why sisters have this specific hate-love relationship.

According to her, some of the primary factors that affect the bond between sisters are their family situation, education, number, and birth order. But, they often grow to become each other's pillar of support.

Kristie and Kristal

The amazing story of the bond between sisters went viral recently after a young lady named Kristal Silva shared a mysterious experience she had with her late sister.

According to Kristal, her beloved elder sister who passed on 8 years ago, reached out to her in the most unusual way. Through the 2010 synthpop hit Hello, playing on the radio.

Kristie Silva died tragically of a kidney failure when she was 22 in Phoenix, Arizona. Before her death, she and Kristal had been inseparable.

Through a series of surgeries, the younger sister played nurse to her older sister. But between the hospital and recuperation episodes, they did regular sister stuff. Kristal says she was fond of wearing her elder sister's clothes even if it annoyed her.

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The family moved away after her death and Kristal only returned to her childhood town when she was older.

Публикация от Kristal Silva (@k.michaelaa)

It was while she was back home on a trip to the gym that her late sister reached out. According to her, she had just made a post on Facebook about the pain of revisiting places she had shared with her sister when the song came on and she heard the unusual lyrics.

Kristie ????

Публикация от Kristal Silva (@k.michaelaa)

Her first reaction was confusion, but she made a recording. And sure enough, instead of the words, "I just came to say hello", her recorded version had the words, "Hey, Kristie says hello".

Kristal says she rushed home to share the recording with her family members and after some research, they confirmed that there was no known remix of the song with these specific words.

Social media reacts.

People have been reacting online and the general consensus is that this is a spiritual experience.

A number of people have come forward to share their experiences with loved ones who have passed on as well.

So, have you ever had an encounter with a dead relative, or do you know anybody who has?

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