Whitney Houston's Real-Life Relationship With The Man Who Inspired The Movie, 'The Bodyguard'

Date March 28, 2018

The 1992 movie, The Bodyguard, was an instant hit when it was released. Based on the relationship between pop star, Whitney Houston and her real-life bodyguard, David Roberts, it was the movie that made her an international star.


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A love story

The film reimagined their working relationship as a love story and Whitney's character, Rachael Marron, is protected at all cost by her bodyguard played by Kevin Costner.

The pair starts off being very professional with each other, but gradually, the lines begin to blur and feelings grow between them as she faces a series of life-threatening attacks.


At the time the movie was released, Houston was on the brink of fame. She had already become a household name in the U.S. and U.K.

But, the first time the real-life bodyguard met the pop singer, he did not have a clue about who she was. In fact, he did not want to work for her at all. But then, he heard her sing.

The real-life bodyguard

Although she already had two chart-topping albums out, their worlds were very different. Robert had worked in the royalty and diplomatic protection departments of Scotland Yard. He also had his own private security business.


He was instantly taken with the young pop star whom he says was young enough to be his daughter.

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He has, however, clarified that he and Houston were never romantically involved. He took his job of protecting her from scuffles with photographers and fans, serious. He went on tours with her and stood outside her hotel room through the night.

Substance abuse and death

Roberts stopped working for Houston in 1995, but before then, he says he had watched her spiral into a life of drug and alcohol reliance.


She died in 2012 of an apparent overdose. At the time, she was trying to make a comeback to music and had reportedly gotten sober after years of substance abuse.

Her ex-husband and father of their late daughter Bobbi Kristina, does not think the singer died a drug-related death. In an interview he granted Rolling Stone weeks back, he said Houston died of a broken heart.

She, nonetheless, was a phenomenal icon and our thoughts remain with her family.

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