Move Over Kim K! Sir Paul McCartney Was Taking Cool Mirror Selfies Long Before The Smart Phone Was Invented

Date April 11, 2018 11:16

Remember selfies? They seem so regular now, but in the early 2010s, they were relatively new and all the rave. Everybody wanted to know what the deal was with them.


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What are selfies for?

These days, the selfie enterprise is much more complicated. A selfie has graduated from being a simple self-taken picture to a complex part of social networking. There are picture stories, geofilters and, of course, hashtags.

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We have come a long way from wondering if selfies are a sign of excessive self-involvement. Yes, they are, but they can also be used as gateways for much more serious endeavours: marketing, starting conversations about body confidence, networking. The list can go on.

The first ever celebrity selfie

People's perception about selfies have changed over the years, but there are still a few misconceptions. Chief of them is this: Self-taken pictures are a modern phenomenon popularized by Kim Kardashian.


True, Kim K has done a lot of good for selfies. But, long before the reality star held a camera to her face and realized the magic of pouts and angles, people already had great selfie games.


Famous British 60s pop star, Sir Paul McCartney, is quite possibly the first celebrity known to have taken a selfie. Not just any selfie, a good old mirror selfie.

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Long before McCartney, astronauts were taking selfies in space. The American astronaut Buzz Aldrin took the first extra vehicular activity (EVA) selfie in 1966. And, before him, there are evidences that people were taking daguerreotype selfies in 1839.

A young Paul McCartney's mirror selfie. Possibly the first selfie taken by a celebrity.

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Next level selfies

Since then, the world has seen some pretty dope selfies. We're talking about Academy Award selfies, Obama selfies, Kim K selfies, and more!

More than selfies, the world has seen some hashtag trends accompany great shots.

Think #nomakeup, where famous people have used the chance to get honest about their imperfections with their followers and, in this way, helped spread the message of self love.

Selfies are here to stay, and we love them!

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