You're All Invited! Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want Their Wedding Open To The Public In Major Ways

The politics of Harry and Meghan's wedding

The wedding will be the joining of two countries with shared history: the U.K. and the U.S. It's also been hailed as culturally progressive because of Meghan's race and her status as a divorcee.

The wedding has political implications too. It is expected that the U.S. and the U.K. will become closer. Which may mean greater policy alignment or not.


Robert "Woody" Johnson, who is the American ambassador to the U.K., specifically spoke about both countries agreeing on the important things.


He said the wedding further symbolizes long standing relations between the U.K. and the U.S.

Everyone's invited

While this optimistic expectation is not shared by everyone, the wedding, which takes place at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, on May 19, aims to carry everyone along.


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As usual, there will be the carriage trip that gives the public a chance to participate in the wedding. The couple will travel around Windsor in a horse-drawn carriage according to tradition.

No gifts for the couple

Harry and Meghan may not be concerned with the political implications of their wedding, but they are interested in using the wedding as an opportunity to make a change.


The pair, who both care about making a difference in the world, don’t want any wedding gifts. They prefer that the largess be directed at charities they care about.


They have chosen 7 key charities, including the Children’s HIV Association and Crisis to be beneficiaries.

So, there you have it. Everyone can give the couple something special by contributing to these charities.

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