Meghan Markle's First Kiss Shares Details Of Their Love Filled Summer Camp In 1993

Date April 3, 2018

Meghan Markle has eased into her new life with the royal family so well. Imagining her life before now is almost an impossible feat. But once upon a time, she was a young girl living a regular life in Hollywood.


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Normal childhood

Weeks ago, a rare video of a young Meghan assuming royal duties while playing with her friends surfaced.


And before that, the world got to meet the 12-year-old Meghan who was already advocating for gender equality as a child.


Still, the young Meghan lived a pretty normal childhood filled with toys and Sesame Street posters.


That is if you count hanging out with her lighting director dad on the set of Married With Children a normal everyday thing.

First kiss

Nothing is, however, more regular than the story of her first kiss. When she spoke to Larry King in 2013, she told the veteran journalist that she got her first kiss at 13 in summer camp. And it was with a boy named Joshua Silverstein.


Although Meghan said in that interview that she had no idea what became of Silverstein, it would seem that he went on to do big things. The mysterious first kiss boy is currently a successful actor and comedian.


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The married father of two told MailOnline that he and Meghan spent all their time together, and he was the first guy she has ever kissed. He now works with the show host James Corden and has moved on from those giddy days with the soon-to-be-royal. But he has wished her well, nonetheless.

Meeting Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is also a lifetime away from the world where she and Josh fell for each other at the 1993 theatre summer camp their local Agape Spiritual Church organized.

For one, she had a successful career as an actress on the U.S. legal drama Suits. And she has a divorce behind her.


The soon-to-be-royal has eyes for Prince Harry who she met on a blind date arranged by a friend. They hit it off instantly and dated for almost 2 years before Harry proposed.

Their fairy tale wedding is set for May 19 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

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