Is It Still Safe To Go On A Safari? Man From Seattle Had A Bizarre Experience With A Cheetah In Tanzania


April 5, 2018 12:09 By Fabiosa

Going on safaris used to be a big deal, but with the onslaught of viral videos about safari experiences that end in disaster, they have gotten a bad rap.


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Safaris are becoming unpopular

The fear of safaris has become the beginning of wisdom. But they aren’t all that bad. For every video that goes viral of someone being mauled or grabbed by a tiger, there are millions of game drives and bush walks that happen without incident.

[caption id="attachment_258136" align="alignnone" width="800"] By fffriendly (.) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons[/caption]Like it is with all things, it is the terrible news that captures people’s imaginations more. It is easier to get information on why you should not be going on a safari than it is to get information on why you should.

But this much is true, getting into the wild is always going to be tricky to an extent. Still, it isn’t a gore-fest waiting to happen. And, at any rate, you won’t be alone for the most part.

A safari guide who is trained in judging situations for potential danger will be close by to keep you from danger.

See! A scary safari story with a happy ending

The recent incident which involved Britton Hayes, a man from Seattle, Washington, on a Safari in Tanzania is proof.

Hayes and his tourist friends were out in the wilds of the Serengeti National Park when 3 cheetahs on a hunt took interest in them.

Hayes said, by the time they noticed that the cheetahs were interested in them, it was too late to drive off without startling the animals. And if you know anything about cheetahs, you’ll know that a jeep has got nothing on a cheetah.

They were focused on one of the cheetahs who climbed onto the roof of their jeep and did not notice one of the animals entering into vehicle.

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Available footage of the incident shows that Hayes remained perfectly still while the cheetah sniffed around the jeep. He credits his tour guide for giving him tips on how to slow his breathing and remain calm. His composure and lack of fear helped to keep the cheetah at ease.

Want to know some basic safari etiquette?

Predator animals can sense the fear and discomfort of their potential prey. On a safari, it is important to abide by the rules religiously. Well before you even embark on one, ask questions beforehand and do some research.


You cannot go wrong with staying in the safari car at all times and keeping your windows up. Nothing is irresistible enough to make you wander off for a closer look, unsupervised.

If your tour group has to make a journey on foot, your focus should be on making sure you are not on an hostile animal’s escape route. Give it as much space as possible. And if an animal responds unfavorably to you, back away as slowly as possible!

You would be fine otherwise.

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