Tired Of Your Old Makeup Routine? Give Your Face New Life By Focusing On Your Best Features

Date April 6, 2018 13:52

Getting the perfect makeup can seem very daunting. For one, the trends keep changing, and the things that need to be applied look endless if you are a beginner.

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The lipstick effect

First, a Public Service Announcement: It is important not to become dependent on makeup!

But we know that having on the right makeup adds a spring to our steps in the same way wearing the perfect dress can transform a day from ordinary to magical.

Researchers from the University of Chieti, Italy, and the Harvard Medical School, USA, carried out a study on the effect makeup has on women. This phenomenon, known as the lipstick effect, produced interesting results.

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According to one report in Huffington Post, makeup will not only do wonders for its wearer's confidence, it can spill over and improve ones cognitive abilities.

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

To tell the truth, makeup artists on social media can make the whole thing look so complicated under the guise of breaking it down. One minute they have a blank face, the next they are made up to the hilt!

However, experts say it is not really a question of how expensive your products are. YouTuber and beauty guru Nikki Phillippi says it's all about keeping the skin healthy. She recommends deep-cleansing the pores.

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Her go-to method is having a hot bath and using a gentle exfoliant.

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She is also down with switching between masks and a chemical exfoliator.

The future of makeup

So, now that you have a clear skin, what next? Again, experts warn that staying away from heavy, piled on makeup is the best way to go.

Celebrity makeup artist and brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris, Sir John, is a big believer in amplifying the silhouette of your eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

He maintains that the future of makeup is in amplifying the effect of ones "already-beautiful features."

His major makeup tips include perfecting the concealer and foundation basics. Ironically, he says it helps to put on foundation while the skin is still damp from moisturizing.

Importantly, Sir John recommends focusing on the facial feature we are most proud of a little more, as against spending time to hide pimples and childhood scars.