Why Keanu Reeves Will Not Father Any Children: His Past Tragedies And Complicated Family Life

Date April 11, 2018

Keanu Reeves is one of those bright Hollywood creatures who stay as far away from media attention as possible.


But the world has kept up to date with him nonetheless and shared some of his most private moments with him.

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Mr. Nice Guy

He generally has a reputation for being a nice guy. He is known to have donated close of $80 million of his $114 million earnings for his work on The Matrix sequels to the special effects and makeup staff.


This is in addition to the Harley Davidson motorbike he gave to each member of the 12-man stunt team, just because.


He is not just a good guy, his reputation as a voracious reader/lover of Proust precedes him, even if he’s a little too reclusive. However, he’s had to weather some pretty bad storms in his personal life.

Complicated family life

Keanu and his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, lost their baby in December 1999. She was still born. 18 months later, Syme lost her life in an accident.

Keanu’s family life is quite complicated too. He grew up with different stepfathers after his father walked away when he was only 6.

The family - he, his mom, and 2 sisters - moved around a bit and the Feeling Montana actor only got to see his geologist father on occasional holidays in Hawaii.


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He and his dad have a complicated relationship as a result, and he is known to have referred to his old man as a "sixties deadbeat reject."


It did not help that the older Reeves spent time in prison for trying to push heroin.

Too old to start a family

His family situation may be messed up a tad, but the Beirut born, Toronto raised actor still has his fans hoping he will come around to trying for a child someday again.


But Keanu broke hearts in 2017 when he announced in an interview that he considers himself too old to start a family. Ouch, Keanu!


In the meantime, his adoring fans are willing to wait until he has a change of heart. If it happened for George Clooney, it can happen for Keanu too.

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