6 Hollywood Stars Who Did Not Give Up On Their Dreams, Even Though They Were Homeless

Date April 20, 2018

Hollywood celebrities have a reputation for living it up: from the multiple homes in choice locations to the luxury cars and the expensive champagnes.

Frugal stars

The Diddys of this world are known for the ease with which they write the checks. However, there are celebrities who live regular middle class lives, even if they earn the big bucks.


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Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence reportedly still lives in her pre-fame home and drives a Chevy Volt, even though she is worth $75 million and considered one of Hollywood's most bankable female leads.

And she is not alone. Jay Leno, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mick Jagger, Zooey Deschanel, and a few others still know how to use coupons, make their children wear hand-me-downs, and keep free-loading friends at bay.

What makes celebs smart with money

It is not unlikely that growing up in lack or going through rough patches helped certain celebrities learn how to live frugally. Hollywood abounds with its grass to grace stories, and here are the most inspiring ones:

Taylor Kitsch


After his modelling gigs dried out and a last ditch caterer job flopped, Taylor had to sleep in subway cars on some nights in New York. He moved to L.A. to try out his luck and slept in his car for 4 months before he moved back home to Canada. Moving back turned out to be a great choice because he began to get jobs again.

Shania Twain


Twain is now a force to reckon with, but as a child, her family was homeless for a while and slept in shelters, after her mom left an abusive marriage.

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Jim Carrey


The comedy actor had a very rough childhood. His musician father took up a 9-5 to fend for his family and lost that job. Carrey says they lived out of a van, and he had to quit school at 15 to work as a janitor. Now, he is the Jim Carrey.

Kelly Clarkson

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Before she got her big break, she lived in L.A. for a while. But she became homeless after her apartment burned to the ground.

Kelsey Grammer


After losing his family in tragic circumstances, the Frasier actor lived in an alley behind a theater where he used to perform.

Chris Pratt

Pratt is down-to-earth, and his fame has not changed him much. Dedicated fans don't have to think too hard to remember when he was just a regular guy. And so, when he shared a throw back from his days of living in a Scooby-Doo van, it did not come as a surprise.

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Learn from their lessons

What these star teach us is the value of perseverance. Even in the most atrocious circumstances, they continued to dream about sharing their gifts with the world.

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And their lessons are valuable for people who dream of pursuing a career in Hollywood someday.

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