Want To Switch Up Your Look For Spring? Kim K's Hairstylist Thinks You Should Bleach Your Hair Pink

Date March 30, 2018 15:54

Women in showbiz lead the way when it comes to giving age a run for its money. They have perfected the art of looking ageless.


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When it comes to haircuts, age is just a number

An important way they pull this ageless look off is by switching up their hairstyles.

Never underestimate the power of a great haircut to give its wearer a new lease on life. Any stylist worth their license will tell you this: Don't let anyone put you in a box by telling you that certain haircuts are not suitable for older women. The only thing that should inform your choice is your hair texture or shape of face. Period.

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So, if you want to rock that Halle Berry layered look, or that pixie cut, or those Sandra Bullock waves, get in touch with your stylist. Get your groove on.

Who do you want to be?

Chris Appleton, the stylist in charge of keeping Kim Kardashian's locks fresh, thinks the hair question comes down to personality, and we agree.

He recently switched up Kim's locks to a youthful shade of pink in time for her Japan trip. This was quite the departure for Kim whose usual style is something close to black or blond. Kylie is more known for her hair transformations in the family.

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Appleton says it was important for them to pick the right shade of pink to complement Kim's skin color. They went for pale pink and hit the right note.

He also had some hair advice when he spoke to E! News, which is great because not everyone can afford to book his services. I mean, the man carters to the hair needs of Jennifer Lopez and Arianna Grande!

The high-end hairstylist says this is a great time to bleach your hair with soft peaches, soft pinks, or soft blues. According to him, the soft shades are preferably. Dark or deep shades "feel more grungy."

Treat yourself!

He has one key advice, though. Getting the right shampoo is just as important as picking the right shade. After all, the end game is to have great-looking, healthy locks.

But, hair care does not end with getting the right shampoo. There's a long to-do list that involves hair massages, opting for argan oil instead of a shimmery hair spray, and eating right.


With all this, don't forget a hair mask. The goodness of an overnight hair mask cannot be overstated.

Don't let this weekend pass you by. Treat yourself because you can.

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