Fairy Tale Or Farce? Disturbing Details About Prince Charles And Lady Diana's Beautiful, Ill-Fated Marriage

Date April 20, 2018

Princess Diana's ivory taffeta gown with the elaborate embroidery, 10,000 pearls, and 25-foot-long train was the stuff of dreams when she married Prince Charles in 1981.


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The dream wedding

The 20-year-old Diana wore an 18th century-era Spencer family tiara, and everything looked perfect as she said I do to Charles while the world watched. It was a real life fairy tale moment.


Judging by that wedding, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the couple was poised to have a great life together.

Charles was next in line for the throne and together, they seemed ready to take on the world.


Their wedding fit the royal narrative of the prince and his bride. Much older than Diana, Charles had been around. He had had his pick of women.

Diana fit the mold

The fairy tale wedding belied the desire of the British royal family to maintain the ideal of finding a suitable woman who was not too worldly-wise.

And while the world immediately became beguiled by Princess Diana of the blond hair and blue eyes, not many people focused on the specifics.


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The new princess was almost nearly hand picked because she fit the mold. She had a respectable lineage, a  sparkling personal record, and she was sweet-natured.


Her father was a respected earl.

The royal family was reportedly not willing to welcome any prospective bride who did not tick off these boxes.

A bitter end

The facade unraveled soon and fast. Charles' affair with a long time lover Camilla Parker-Bowles had continued after the birth of his sons, and Diana had been expected to play along.


But, she is said to have carried on an affair of her own with her riding instructor, James Hewitt. She is said to have done this to retaliate.

In his book Diana: Her True Story, Andrew Morton revealed details of a secret interview with the princess in which she admitted that Camilla had come between her and Charles.


Diana also said that she had confronted both her husband and Camilla, both of whom were unrepentant. The marriage came to an end in 1992, and their divorce was finalized in 1996 before Diana's death in 1997.

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Prince Charles