Prince William And Prince Harry Have Each Had To Come Up With Fake Names To Hide Their Identities

Date March 20, 2018

It's not always easy being a royal and at different times, both Prince Harry and Prince William have had to use different names so they would not be recognized.


When Prince William did it

While he was at the University, William chose to hide under a made-up name so that he could enjoy some degree of privacy.


He did enroll at St. Andrews, using the name William Wales. But to keep his name from popping up all the time, his classmates called him Steve.

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Speaking of which, it was at this school that he met his now-wife, Kate Middleton. They lived together in the same student hall and had a pretty close friendship.


In school, William studied History of Art, but he later chose to continue his degree in Geography. He graduated in 2005 when he was 23.

When Prince Harry did it

The younger royal brother apparently did not need a different identity while he was in school. But he did have to hide behind a fake name to enjoy the perks of social media.


A few weeks ago, it was reported that, for four years, Prince Harry had a Facebook account under a different name, where he would often share statuses and pictures. He set up this account using the name Spike Wells, and he had about 400 friends.


Unfortunately, this particular hiding place could not last forever. He was forced to shut the account down in 2012.

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The downside of being a royal

For a famous person, life is not always so peachy. With all the adoring fans also come the negativity. And being a member of the royal family is just as tough, if not more. For one thing, it's possible for an actor or singer to disappear from the limelight if they try hard enough, but if that happens in the royal family, it will come with massive controversy.


The Royals have to face constant criticisms, and their every move is being watched and dissected by millions of people. From what they wear to how they look, what they say to who they support, there is always an opinion. And God forbid you do any of it without a smile on your face.


So, we can kind of see why these brothers took advantage of opportunities to lay low when they could.

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